3 ways Microlearning brings relevance and engagement back to eLearning

Year by year the experience levels of employees are becoming increasingly diverse. Traditional eLearning does not allow tailored and self-directed learning - leading more experienced employees to become bored, re-learning things they already understand at a pace that doesn’t suit them. It also doesn’t allow learning to go mobile, leading to employees becoming irritated by traditional eLearning, being limited to desktop-only interaction.

Ed Microlearning’s versatile platform allows millennial learners to learn at regular intervals, be on-the-go and select only what they need. Let’s look at three key advantages of microlearning for millennial learners.

Space out your learning

A recent study suggests that between 30% and 60% of the time, learners are accessing content on-the-go. With frequent reminders in the form of notifications, Ed lets learners know when they have content to review.

Notification feature in Ed Microlearning app

This is particularly useful for millennial learners who are constantly with their devices. 98% of 18-24 year olds own smartphones, a key group beginning to enter the workforce. Ed Microlearning’s notifications remind learners about content that’s ready to review - no matter where they are.

Choose your own adventure

Ed empowers learners to choose what lessons they complete and when. Time is becoming decreasingly available in the 21st century, and taking advantage of every minute is critical in today's workplace.

Lesson Selection for Ed Microlearning App

Ed allows learners to choose lessons which make sense to them, and content that improves on skills that they haven’t yet developed. Learners don’t need to waste time meeting outcomes they have previously met, allowing every minute of staff development time to be productive.

Learn on the go

As long as learners have an active data connection, they can access Ed and see what’s new. Publish a lesson, and in seconds your staff will have access to it. This allows them to be kept up to date with the most recent and relevant content.

Learn on the move with Ed Microlearning

With a smartphone market penetration approaching 100%, it is becoming essential to have access to an eLearning platform that conforms to the needs of smartphone users, and Ed takes care of learner needs from beginning to end.

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