5 Reasons Ed's Rapid Authoring Tool Can Keep Your eLearning Agile in 2018

Ed's rapid authoring tool is the fastest and most simple to use platform for developing learning and development content for your team, and in 2018, it's more important than ever to get information to your employees as quickly as possible. Let's explore 5 ways Ed can save you time and effort.

Rapid Authoring

The average length of time it takes to create a traditional eLearning course is 14 weeks per course. In 2018, the world is moving faster than ever, with new knowledge arriving faster than most traditional eLearning tools can provide. Lessons from these platforms can therefore be out of date before they're even in learners' hands.

Ed's Rapid Authoring tool makes eLearning easier and faster

Ed's rapid authoring tool makes it faster to author lessons and action changes - with simple and intuitive interactions, you can re-order, delete or change a slide in a flash. Better yet, you can see changes immediately within the lesson preview window.

No Expertise Required

Ed's rapid authoring tool is simple and easy to learn. Better yet, you can focus on great content and learning objectives, leaving the coding, distribution and design to us.

Ed's rapid authoring tool saves time and money when authoring eLearning

Our template library boasts over 50 easy to configure slides that you can insert easily into your lessons - including games, interactive content templates, and engaging reinforcement activities.

Huge Variety of Templates

There's no fear of learners becoming bored or disengaged with your content, with Ed's 50+ template options letting you add variety and fun to your lessons. You can even explore our huge template library to see what's available right now.

Ed's huge variety of eLearning Templates in our simple,fast Authoring tool

The template library sorts itself into learning objectives, saving you time that could be better spend focusing on learner engagement, SME requirements and content refinements.

All templates are easily configurable, and instantly visible in the live preview window. As soon as a change is made in the authoring tool, interact with it in the preview window and see what your learners will see. The best part? We add new templates all the time, so you'll always be able to add variety to your lessons.

Responsive Design

Whatever platform your learners access their lessons on, you can be assured that they will be presented with beautifully designed lessons, with a layout that adapts to the type of device used.

You can preview how each device displays your lesson by using the device switcher below the Rapid Authoring Tool live preview window.

Start in Seconds

The authoring tool requires absolutely no additional software beyond a web browser. Sign up in seconds, and author your first lesson today. Then, simply and easily preview your lesson using our native iPhone or Android app.

Have you heard about our unlimited evaluation period? You can try our authoring tool out for free for as long as you like, and even share lessons with up to 20 people. When you're ready to expand, our pricing plans give you flexibility, no matter how big or small your business is.

Don't you think it's time you started using Ed's rapid authoring tool for your business? If you've still got questions, let us know.

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