New User? Get started with our new Tutorial

In any testing or comparisons with competition, our unique authoring tool and LMS shines through. For someone who has never created an online course before, we know the process could seem a little discouraging. So, to make things even easier for you we have a created a new interactive Tutorial.

The lesson is fully featured. We show you how our Demo lesson is put together and guide you to make your own changes. That way you can experience first hand just how our unique authoring tool and Template Library work.

Through interactive explanations, we assist you to add a new template to a lesson and how to customise it with your content. Even though Ed is intuitive, we don’t want to leave it to chance you will miss some of the amazing key features happening on Ed. At the end of the tutorial, you have your first lesson ready to sync back onto your device and/or share with your team!

This new tutorial ensures a fast and smooth start of your instructional design journey.
And after? The Ed Team is always here for technical support.

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