The New 'Categorise' Template

Amongst the Ed team, we take pride in delivering you with templates entrenched in established learning theories. We also know, templates are used to their full potential when learning professionals like yourself, understand their underpinning science.

This weeks featured template, Categorise, is no different.

Built upon George A. Miller’s theory of chunking, the physical action of swiping one item to another exposes cognitive shortcuts for your users. By asking your users to actively swipe an item into a category, visual associations are created to become a single chunk or whole in memory.

Essentially, this template increases retention rates among your users by showing them how to compress the information.

Our Instructional Design Team are continually developing innovative ways for you to ask your users questions in a way that promotes high knowledge and retention rates. Be sure to watch this space to keep up with new templates.

The New Categorise Template
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