The New 'Ratio' Template

We love providing you with new and interesting ways to help your users build cognitive bridges and the highly versatile *Ratio* template does just that!

It’s the ideal template for when you want your users to identify and build relationships between variables.

The template’s unique interaction mechanic increases retention rates on the premise of Ausubel’s theory of Assimilation - creating meaningful learning by linking new facts with previously acquired knowledge.

Whether you use the independently moving bars to ask several questions at once, highlight similarities between answers or simply ask users to identify ratios, this number template will be sure to force cognitive digestion amongst your users.

Number templates are some of the most heavily used on the platform. Our Instructional Design Team are continually developing innovative ways for you to ask your users data related questions to expand this important element of our learning library.

Be sure to watch this space for new templates.

Ratio Template
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