The New 'Tap in Order' Template

Relationship templates are the building blocks for cognitive bridges. This weeks featured template, *Tap in Order*, provides you with another format to identify relationships to your users through ranking or listing items.

Tap In Order Template

Changing up templates not only keeps engagement levels up, it also promotes learning. By utilizing the many templates we have available in the Ed Template Library, you can get your users mentally fit by constantly asking them to mobilise their knowledge in varying scenarios and contexts.

Whether you utilise the template’s mechanics to ask your employees to order products in which they are sold, identify the hierarchy amongst items or list the order in which customer touch-points should be delivered, Tap in Order keeps your users actively learning.

The template also comes with an optional feature to shake and reject incorrect answers, for when you absolutely want to reinforce to your users the correct order.

Explore ways to activate your user’s knowledge with the new Tap in Order template.

Our Instructional Design Team are continually developing innovative ways to develop strategies that promote knowledge retention and make the learning process increasingly more efficient. Be sure to watch this space for new templates.

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